PVC Heat Shrink Film Roll for Label Printing


Product Detail

"CENTROIID Plastopack Industries" manufactures high quality PVC Heat Shrink Films suitable for Label Printing. These products have salient features like, High Puncture Resistance, High Gloss and Clarity. The easy use and fast shrinking effect of PVC Heat Shrink Films reduces energy consumption in the packaging process. These PVC Heat Shrink Films are manufactured in various sizes to meet client requirement and multi-colour PVC shrink films are manufactured on special orders from clients.

Our high quality PVC Shrink Film offer flexibility in print/patterns facilitating the end-customers to successfully promote products and build brand image by using our packaging medium.

Technical Specifications

TD shrinkage up to 50% (+/-2%)

MD shrinkage 0% to 5% Across the web length specially for label grade

Available thicknesses: Starting from 28 Micron to 100 Micron

Width of Film in Sheet – 150mm to 800mm

Width of Film in Tube – 390mm to 810mm

Standard color of the Film – Clear Transparent or custom made

Surface finish – Glossy

Density – 1.38gm/cc

Compound for PVC Heat Shrink Film for Label Printing

Centroiid Plastopack Industries offers PVC Compound for Shrink Film Extrusion Process. Compound is offered as per customer’s specific requirement. PVC Compound for Shrink Film Labels we supply is of best quality film and does not contain fish eye and impurities, thus achieving smooth, consistent, and attractive color printing quality without any printing defect points. Moreover, our produced PVC compounds are best for longer running in extrusion blown film. We have production capacity PVC Compound 200 Tons per month. It helps our valuable customers to reduce their operating cost, lower waste quantity and easier operation. As well as this, shrink percentage can be controlled as desired. It does not contain pungent odor. With a variety of color to choose from our shrink film products can reinforce eye-catching, colorful printing.